Posted on December 21, 2016

Best features of a glass handler / lifter

Best features of a glass handler / lifter

Some folks, especially first-timers, wonder what the value is in a glass handling machine. They're interested, but they want to know more.

Below is a few of the things we tell them.


As the work days drag one, strength wears in workers both old and young. When it comes to the SmartLift® glass lifting machines, they hold up when others start to tire. With charges that can last over a work day at a time, our glass handlers can give you an extra bit of pep in their step.


With care, maintenance, and proper storage, the glass lifting machines will go for years at a time without issues. That's effort you can rely on.


These machines lift more than a team of men. These machines can lift them longer and with more security behind them. And, to really make sure no one gets hurt, they come with remote controls so the operators can stand a good distance away, in case the unforeseeable happens.

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