Posted on February 7, 2018

Best Glass Dolly & Glass Handling Dollies

Best Glass Dolly & Glass Handling Dollies

Glass dollies are beautiful pieces of equipment. No one is happier they exist than the glazers who install glass pieces and windows – well, except for the HR & Finance departments who appreciate that, on average, glass dollies keep long-term costs down.

We often get asked whether or not we have glass dollies or glass handling dollies. Our answer is, "yes, but it won't be your best solution on small, lightweight jobs."

What do we mean by that?

We mean that if you're doing a short-term project or a glass lift on a small window or piece of glass, and that job is not going to involve heavy lifting to glaze the piece into its spot, then going with smaller, manual-operated tools would probably be your best option. We're talking normal residential windows, mirrors, and the like.

But if you are going with commercial and other heavy pieces of glass, you want our SmartLift® glass lifting machines.

Our glass lifters are part lifters, part glazing robot, and part glass dolly.

They literally can be all things to all parts of the job.

It comes down to the best tool for the job.

Most of the time, it's our stuff, but we're not afraid to admit that once in a brief while, going with something else might better save your bottom line, and give your more room for when those bigger jobs come along. And when those bigger jobs come along, we'll be here.

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