Posted on April 18, 2017

SmartLift® vs. Other Glass / Vacuum Lifting Machines

SmartLift® vs. Other Glass / Vacuum Lifting Machines

Our long-time customers know that SmartLift® is our new product line. They're durable, dynamic, and incredibly valuable.

But recently, a new customer inquired about our new line of glass lifting machines. It went something like this:

"Hey, Great Lakes Lifting. What can you tell me about your new glass vacuum lifters? What makes them unique?"

Below is what we told them, more or less.

"SmartLift® is a durable line of full-service glass lifting machines."

It typically can lift heavier, larger pieces of glass than can the competition. It's an all-in-one machine that has attachments and a base to do all the work itself.

It sounds crazy, but some machines can do the lifting, but only for small pieces. Others can lift larger pieces, but they're only attachments. For SmartLift®, they do it all.

So much so that if all you need is a glass lifting attachment, SmartLift® offers that, too.

"And they curved pieces of glass, and hold them."

In a perfect world with flat surfaces, all the lifting materials would be the simple, same size every time. Of course, that would also be boring, so architects and designs often used custom, irregular, curved pieces of glass to fulfill their unique visions.

Luckily, the manufacturers of SmartLift® prepared for this years in advance. So, with the help of additional vacuum lifter pads and an extension, you can lift nearly any piece of glass weighing up to a half-ton – depending on which model you use.

And they lift custom pieces…including non-glass pieces .

Speaking of boring, it would be boring if all the machine could lift was glass. And, then you'd have to swap machines in and out. So, luckily, SmartLift® has attachments that lets you vacuum lift additional materials including Fire-Rated doors.

It brings new meaning to the term, "all-in-one."

To learn more about how this unique glass lifter like the days of yore, contact us today.

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