Posted on January 24, 2018

Curved Glass Lifting

We're always happy to get customer questions. We especially liked these types of questions that have been coming in recently. Why do we like them so much? They caught us off-guard:

"You guys are the exclusive distributor for SmartLift® Glass Handling Equipment. Are you also a supplier? We need…"

In short: Yes. We are Glass Handling Suppliers, too.

We are the exclusive North American distributor for SmartLift® glass handling machines. We are also the primary suppliers. At this time, we're the one-stop shop for these glazing robots.

And we're growing.

We do the machines.

From our 380 Indoor with the hoist max weight of 904 lbs. to our 780 Outdoor with our hoist max weight of 1,819 lbs., and everything in between, if you're between California and Maine and you want a SmartLift® Glass Handling Machine, we're your supplier.

We do the accessories.

From Flexolinks to suction cups for fire-rated doors, and every flexi beam and ball joint in between, if you're anywhere between Miami and Seattle, we're your supplier.

We do the Sales, Rentals, and Parts.

We offer the suite of suites. Anything and everything.

Rent by the hour. Rent by the Year.

Buy one. Buy a fleet.

Buy a part. Buy the whole machine in parts.

Service it yourself. Sign a service agreement with us to keep it running for you.

The choices are yours.

Talk to your Glass Handling Machine Supplies direct. Contact us today to learn more.

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