Posted on October 19, 2016

For how long one can rent a SmartLift

For how long one can rent a SmartLift

We love client questions. They're our best source of web update material.

As our SmartLift® glass lifters and manipulators get more recognition, we're starting to get more questions to field. This causes happy times in the office. Our latest question:

"For how long can we rent one of your Smart Lifts?"

Our answer: "for as long as we are in business." And we plan to be in business for a long, long, time.

Pros and cons to renting our glass lifting machines.

There are construction projects out there that go for years. We have companies that like to rent instead of buy, and get a service agreement, and then build the expense into their budget. No asset acquisition or other accounting worries. We keep it running for them. At that point, it's more like leasing the crane.

We have others that don't have maintenance or service departments and, for them, keeping a recurring agreement keeps them from having to internalizing the work.

We can work with your unique needs as well

You don't have to have long-term needs to rent from us. Even if it's just to move a few pieces from here to there, we've got you covered. Contact us today to talk to you friendly, knowledgeable staff and get yourself the glass lifter that fits your needs.

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