Posted on November 23, 2016

Essentially the Swiss Army knife of Glass Handlers

Essentially the Swiss Army knife of Glass Handlers

There's always the right tool for the job. But when it comes to glass handling and lifting, you could easily over-specialize. If you bought for the immediate need, you could find yourself needing to build a new storage center to store all the speciality glass handling machines:

  • Glass Manipulators
  • Craneways
  • Slew Cranes

And then you would need a wing in the new storage center for the attachments:

  • One-Column Lifts
  • Two-Column Lifts
  • Suction Frames
  • Special Attachments



Go with SmartLift®, essentially the Swiss Army knife of glass handling machines. It's a do-it-yourself, all-purpose machine that handles all aspects of glass handling, manipulating, and lifting. One tool for the job.

When you rent or buy a SmartLift® Glass Handler, you get the following:

  • Free Delivery on Long-Term Rentals:
  • Bulk Discounts:
  • Service Agreements:
  • Seasonal Specials:

More importantly, you get the right tool for all your glass handling needs.

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