Posted on January 17, 2018

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Ah. The warped art of curved glass lifting. It sounds simple enough. The task should require a curved glass machine with a curved shape, curved base, curved holders, and a curved wheelbase to curve around corners.

No. Let's straighten out this curved thinking with something that will actually help, like our SmartLift® Glass Vacuum Lifters. With their accessories and attachments, these vacuum lifters with their suction cups can lift just about any commercial-grade custom & curved piece of glass an architect dared dream up in their warped imagination.

Attachments for Curved Glass Lifting Include…

  1. Additional Suction Pads: It's rare that only 4 suction pads will be able to hold a curved piece.
  2. Flexolinks: Because curved pieces required rubber connectors designed for the task.
  3. Ball Joint for Suction Pads: Something that can handle suction pads at nearly all angles.
  4. Suction Pad Extenders: Those suction pads are going to need to stretch to keep ahead of the curve.
  5. Flexi Beams: To custom fit pads to the shape of the curve.
  6. Distributor Block: To add those extra suction pads, stabilize the load, and add extra strength.

The standard attachments also assist in the carry, lift, and holding of curved glass pieces.

The accessories will be assisted by SmartLift®'s puncture-proof tires, ramps, and other incredible standard features. Together, they'll do a bang-up job of helping curved pieces get from point A to higher-up along point A so the Glazers can complete the installation.

The last bit is the math. Doing the math on the curved piece lift is vital.

Our friendly, experienced staff will help you run the numbers to know the exact machine and number of accessories you'll need to so you can better do your curved lifts quickly and efficiently.

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