Posted on November 22, 2017

Glass Handling - Machines, Cranes, Tools, & Equipment.

Glass Handling - Machines, Cranes, Tools, & Equipment.

Glass Handling used to be a nickname, a labor designation of sorts. Over the years, Glass Handling became a methodology. Nowadays, to offer "Glass Handling tools & equipment," is to provide ergonomic and efficient glass handling equipment that can manipulate several pieces of glass, standard and custom, in ways the first era of glass handlers only dreamed of during their days of back-breaking labor.

"Glass Handling tools & equipment? Is that something Great Lakes Lifting provides?"

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

We offer the following Glass Handling Tools & Equipment:

The Glass Handling tools:

Putting our best foot forward, we suggest going with our SmartLift® line of glass lifting machines. Not only do they lift, hold, and transport, but with their incredible selection of accessories and attachments, these glass vacuum lifters can also handle and manipulate standard and custom construction glass pieces to make sure you get the best angle for installation.

If you're looking for just a glass handling attachment, we suggest the Sky Lifter 400. It works

The Glass Handling equipment:

Our SmartLift® glass handling attachments and accessories aren't the only bits of equipment we offer. Over on our Spydercrane Mini Crawler Crane line, we have Powr-Grip® Glass Handlers that, when used with the cranes, give you both extra lift and stability with your glass pieces.

Powered to do more, together.

Putting both machines into the field is…well, it's like peanut butter and jelly. Really, really good strawberry jelly. Spydercrane can get your pieces up where they need to go. SmartLift® can get you’re the perfect fit. Together, they reduce time and increase efficiency on the job site.

We offer a glass handling suite. The box set, as it were.

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