Posted on April 11, 2018

Glass installation equipment, and where to find it

Glass installation equipment, and where to find it

We were recently asked by a customer about how much of a role our SmartLift®s play in the installation of glass pieces. It went something like this:

"I know we can't push a button and let it do the rest, yet, but what will we need to finish the job?"


Once we sort out the specs your custom (or typical) glass pieces require, the rest depends on your glass piece. And for the most part, the rest is detail work.

Our SmartLift® glass lifters can typically lift your piece, can even move your piece from room to room, and can hold it through a work shift, but they can't do the last bit of the installation – the securing it to the structure - yet. In the end, someone's going to have to put in the nuts and bolts and caulk (or gel) and make sure the piece is going to stay in place once it's installed.

We even offer the accessories to lift and hold those one-of-a-kind pieces of glass for hours at a time while your crew completes the installation.

We won't leave you to pick and choose – unless you want us to. Our friendly, trained staff will help you sort out the extensions and accessories you'll need to pick up and hold the glass pieces safely and securely.

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We're sure one day in a future closer than we anticipate, you'll be able to just push a button and let our glass lifters do the complete installation. Then your crew can accomplish that much more on a project. For now, we just lift, move, and hold the pieces. Until then, you'll just have to settle for a machine that can lift, move, and hold those pieces for you while you finish the glass installation.

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