Posted on March 10, 2017

Protections against tipping SmartLift® glass lifters.

Protections against tipping SmartLift® glass lifters.

We often get asked about the stability of the SmartLift®. We know the pictures, videos, and marketing materials entice customers to buy, sell, and rent, but as it should be, safety first.

So, let us put the safety issues to rest: more than those four wheels help get the SmartLift® glass lifters level and on the ground when SmartLift® performing their incredible glass lifting tasks.

SmartLift® Lifting Machines are equipped with stabilizers that extend out the sides of the machines. The stabilizers are equipped with mandrels, that fasten to the ground, providing additional stability.

The reinforced combination of the stabilizers and their mandrels allows for the incredible weights our glass lifters can extend and hold in the air.

This means more hands available to install the pieces.

This means, overall, a safer, faster, more secure installation process.

Want more specific weight ratios?

For more specific information about how much each of our line of SmartLift® lifts and carries, please reference our individual product pages. Some are big. Some are small. Peruse our line of SmartLift glass lifting machines and you'll find the one that perfectly fits your needs.

And, as a reminder, we have great sales, long-term rentals, and repair specials to help your budget.

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