Posted on February 28, 2017

"Do you guys deliver SmartLifts to Europe?

"Do you guys deliver SmartLifts to Europe?

Speaking of questions about our work in Canada, here's another one we get asked on occasion:

"Do you guys deliver SmartLifts to Europe?"

Wouldn't that be nice to be SmartLift's exclusive international distributor. We would love that, as would the many-many-many SmartLift® Distributors saturated throughout Europe.

Take a look at the dealer map at the SmartLift® website to learn more about where in Europe (and abroad) you can find a distributor. Regardless of where you're planning to use it, there will be SmartLift® dealer nearby to help.

"What if we need some in Europe and the US?"

Like we do with all our international collaborations, we'll have to learn more about the project and sort out an optimal solution. It would probably be a collaboration of sorts. We typically don't leave the continental US for delivery or service. Luckily, with distributors throughout most of the country, we'll be able to make sure you have a plan that best fits your needs.

From there, we'll get you a solution that best fits your needs.

Contact us today for more information on how our incredible glass lifters can get your project lined up and squared away, essentially wherever you are in the world.

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