Posted on February 7, 2017

Glass Lifters on uneven terrain.

Glass Lifters on  uneven terrain.

Not all glass lifters / handlers are made for outdoor use. Many focus much of their construction on keeping the machine upright, level, and balanced that the notion of unlevelled terrain would through the whole lift off-balance, literally.

That's why it's best to go with outdoor lifters for your glass lifting / handling needs. Fortunately, we have a few outdoor machines that can handle those needs for you:

We also have a sturdy glass lifting attachment that works on machines including our very own Spydercrane mini crawler cranes.

Outdoor lifters are specifically designed for outdoor surfaces.

Right down to the outdoor tires. They help go over loose-fitting, rocky, and uneven terrain, exactly the type of conditions found on outdoor job sites.The tires are also puncture-proof, filled with foam to keep from blowing out and losing the lifted load even if something does penetrate their surface.

Is your interest peaked? Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor glass lifting machines.

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