Posted on November 1, 2017

How and why we offer Glass Lifting Cranes, and more.

How and why we offer Glass Lifting Cranes, and more.

Here's a frequent question found in our mailbag:

"Do you have a glass lifting crane in your inventory? One crane specific for glass lifting?"

Our philosophy is to provide great lifting machines which provide the capacity to lift a variety of materials.

We provide mini crawler cranes with glass lifting attachments.

Our Spydercrane mini crawler cranes have lifting attachments to allow them to lift glass pieces. We also have a bevy of attachments to lift oblong and custom pieces, because not every piece of glass is a square or rectangle. Architects just wouldn't have it that way.

We provide glass lifting machines with lifting attachments.

Our SmartLift® Glass Lifting Machines don't go as high as a mini crawler crane, but where they lack in height they make up for in durability and flexibility when it comes to the types of pieces they can lift.

We provide our machines and cranes together.

Sometimes our clients take both our mini crawler cranes and our glass lifting machines so they can work in tandem on the job sites. This way, they can streamline how they handle their glass pieces for horizontal and vertical lifts. This approach typically comes at the gratitude of many laborers' backs.

Whatever it takes to lift your glass pieces quick, safe, and efficiently.

So, true, while we don't have a niched glass lifting "crane", we have several cranes and lifting machines that not only lift glass, but many, many other objects as well. Sometimes, the cranes even lift together.

For more information on how to use our "(materials and) glass lifting cranes (and machines)", contact us today.

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