Posted on December 14, 2016

If you plan to go with a glass lifter / handler, go with these questions:

If you plan to go with a glass lifter / handler, go with these questions:

It's always fun to collect toys and store them in your garage. The bigger the toys, the more fun you're guaranteed to have. That's how it goes, right?

As much as we would love to treat our industrial equipment the same way we'd treat our toys, some machines require more TLC than a wash, wax, and oil change.

So as you go to plan your lifting machine needs, be them cranes or glass handlers, please take cause on these annual reminders. Go with these questions:

Do you need it long term?

It would be great to buy the machine, but if you only need it for one project with no guarantee that you'll ever use it again, then it's probably best to rent.

On the other hand, if you're going to continue to need it throughout the year, then you should consider buying.

Do you have the means to care for it?

Lifting machines and glass handlers, like any other good piece of equipment, only lasts as long as it's care for. Maintenance, upkeep, and end-of-life replacement all need to be considered when caring for these gentle beasts.

Do you have the means to store it?

Caring for it is one thing, storing it is another. Especially in parts of the country where the average annual precipitation is high and the annual temperature is diverse .

Waterproof covers can work. A space where the machines can hide from the elements inside will probably get you farther.

Who is paying for it?

Sounds like a weird question, until you consider the pricing that goes into a project. Some companies buy our machines and make them a part of their arsenals. Others rent the machines and include the price of the rental as part of the budget.

Whatever's your pleasure.

Once you know the answers, you know what's next.

And we'll have whatever you need. Contact us, today, to learn more.

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