Posted on October 17, 2017

Glass Lifts...for Glass

Glass Lifts...for Glass

Glass lifts are beautiful, incredible machines. They look so graceful standing there.

And their work. They make it look so effortless. It's like they're floating.

They remind me of glass lift elevators.

What? You thought we were talking about the other glass lifts?

Our passion is for the glass lifts that lift…glass. Glass pieces, glass panes, glass structures, glass doors, and fire rated doors. Heavy or light. Thick or thin. Square, rectangular, curved, or custom. If it's a piece of glass that's going to enhance a construction project, we want to help lift and install it.

We've got the tools.

Our SmartLift® line of glass lifters, handlers, and vacuum lifters are designed to lift and help install most any piece of glass. They range in size and terrain.

We've got the accessories.

We have suction pads, extenders, flexolinks, pads for fire doors, ball joints, pallet forks, lifting hooks…the list is nearly endless. And if you need an attachment to lift into the sky, check out our 400 Sky Lifter attachment.

We have the plans. We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help.

We're trained. We're professional. We're friendly. We're helpful. We'll get the answers you need.

To get your glass lift tools, accessories, and plans together, contact us today.

Double-bonus point score if you use our glass lifts for glass to work on a glass lift for people.

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