Posted on April 11, 2017

Glass Lifters / Vacuum Lifters on Unlevel Surfaces. How it works...

Glass Lifters / Vacuum Lifters on Unlevel Surfaces. How it works...

Despite what a rash of NBA players present and past have recently said, the world is not flat. Probably. It's filled with bumps and curves and twists and turns that makes one wonder how we don't sprain more ankles and drive off more roads.

It is especially true when it comes to construction. It almost wouldn't be a construction site if it was flat. Bumps, holes, loose materials, all of them help make this already-round planet a little curvier. No one should try to lift heavy pieces of glass by themselves on such surfaces. Luckily, SmartLift® glass lifting machines have features perfectly fit to handle those less-than-perfect surfaces.

It starts with the machines, and the machines start with the tires

The biggest thing that separates the indoor and outdoor SmartLift® glass lifting machines is the tires. While both the indoor and outdoor machines have foam-filled, puncture-proof tires, the outdoor machines have extra-wide tires with wide terrain and traction specific to the off-road.

"Can we just put the outdoor tires on the indoor glass lifters?"

Well, officially, we can't say or recommend such an action. We can't officially tell you whether or not the tires for each model size would fit seamlessly. That would go against recommended specs.

What we can tell you is that once you go with those outdoor, off road-styled tires, you'll be able to handle the rugged(-ish) outdoors.

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