Posted on December 13, 2017

SmartLift® is a Glazing Robot, and Glazing Robots are...

SmartLift® is a Glazing Robot, and Glazing Robots are...

We don't say it often enough: SmartLift®s are Glazing Robots. They're glass lifting machines, glass vacuum lifters, and without question they are Glazing Robots. Industry-leading Glazing Robots, at that.

Wait, what is Glazing?

"Glazing," along with "glasen" and "glas," comes from ole' English variations for the modern-day word, "glass" – as in the glassed part of a wall. According to Wikipedia, "glazing" also refers to the laborer who installs the glass.

Which is why the industry term doesn't need to be Glass Glazing Robot. It would be redundant.

"Wait. Hold on. What, again, is a Glazing Robot?"

Since glazing referred to both the glass piece and the laborer, a "glazing robot" means a robot is doing the glazing work the laborer would do…to a point. That point is found in the final installation. Someone still needs to finish the assembly in the frame.

Currently, the Glazing Robot simply does the heavy lifting and holding of a glass piece, and does it incredibly well. This allows for the glazers to finish the installation without the risky fear of holding and supporting the glass…or "glas," in old English.

Why use SmartLift® Glass Lifting Machines for Glazing Robots?

You use SmartLift® Glazing Robots because they're incredible. They're the 2 Ds: diverse & durable. They can lift, hold, and help install straight, curved, and custom pieces of commercial glass. They do the job of the ideal robot glazer: they taken on the burden of holding the piece, allow the rest of the glazers to fit it perfectly into place.

For more information on how to glaze with SmartLift®, contact us today.

And we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion as to whether SmartLift® was a glazing robot.

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