Posted on December 20, 2017

Glazing Robots vs Lifting Machines (vs Glass Vacuum Lifters)

Glazing Robots vs Lifting Machines (vs Glass Vacuum Lifters)

It's been awhile since we pulled out a question to answer from the mailbox. This one inspired a few posts:

"What's the difference between a Glass Lifting Machine & a Glazing Robot?"

The answer? There really isn't much of a practical difference between Glass Lifting Machines and Glazing Robots – and Glass Vacuum Lifters, for that matter. The biggest difference tends to be in the origins of the name.

"Glass Lifting Machine" has a tendency to be a Western Hemisphere name, typically for machines in the US & Canada.

"Glazing Robots" have a tendency to be more of a European name for the type of machine. As mentioned in the last post, "Glazing" is an old English term meaning both the glass part of a wall as well as the laborer who installs the glass piece.

Both refer to incredible machines.

Back in the day, there might have been more of a difference.

We had a debate in the office as to whether the terms had more distinct meanings. The argument was that "glass lifting machines" referred more to the hosting and transporting of glass pieces while "glass vacuum lifters" and "glazing robots" referred more to the hoisting and supporting of glass pieces for glazers to install.

We decided that we're not sure, and since SmartLift® does all three jobs with aplomb, we're good with all three uses terms describing the machine.

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