Posted on March 13, 2018

Good news! We have partnered with the AshleyCan Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Good news! We have partnered with the AshleyCan Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

We are excited to announce our partnership with the AshleyCan Pediatric Cancer Foundation!

From March 2018 till the end of June, $50 will be donated to the AshleyCan Foundation for every SmartLift® glass lifting machine we sell.

For John Hensley, the Regional Sales Coordinator for our SmartLift® US division, this partnership hits home. See, Ashley is John's cousin.

We asked John a few questions about Ashley, the AshleyCan foundation, & the partnership. His answers, too, hit home:

Hey, John. What's the first thing you think of when you think of Ashley?

"The first thing I think of when I think of Ashley is strength. Throughout Ashley’s battle with cancer, the slogan was, “AshleyCan, because she is Ashley Strong”. I have a bracelet I wear every day that has it written on there. No matter how sick she was, I can honestly say I never imagined her time would be cut short. Why would I? She battled through cancer 3 different times when her chances of doing so were slim to none. I went away for college and was only able to visit Ashley a few times per year. Every time I spoke with her I would always try and ask how she was and how treatment was going. She would always reply simply, “I am fine” and divert back and ask me how school and hockey was going, never making it about herself or about her cancer. If you didn’t know Ashley personally, you would never know she had cancer.

"I want to tell a quick story about Ashley. This happened about a year or so ago. My mother and I went to visit Ashley at the University of Chicago. As soon as we got off the elevator and walked through the doors, we hear an alarm and see nurses running. My mother and I had no idea as to what was going on. After 5 minutes or so, we see nurses walking out of the room then we finally see my aunt wave us into the room. She was obviously upset and for a second my heart dropped. We walk into the room and we see Ashley. Ashley has a big smile on her face and says, “Hi Johnny and Aunt Wanda, so good to see you”. I asked what happened, and she said, “well I guess I had somewhat of a seizure but I am ok, how are you?” as she laughed it off like nothing happened. That goes to show how strong of a person Ashley was."

What's the second thing you think of?

"The second thing I think about when Ashley comes to mind is all our memories growing up together. My parents and her parents lived in the same apartment building, so we grew up together. Ashley and I were like siblings in our early years. We always would have sleepovers at my grandma Sharon’s house with my brother Luke, and cousins Kyle and Michael. The family called us the “Fab Five”, Ashley being the only girl. We always watched the movie Twister, as it was one of Ashley’s favorite movies! Ashley was a movie wiz. If I ever needed to know what movie or tv show to watch, I would go to her."

What can AshleyCan do for pediatric cancer patients? How would patients & their families ask the foundation for help?

"The AshleyCan Pediatric Cancer Foundation supports research through donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. St. Jude develops cures for the many forms of childhood cancer. When they find a treatment that works, they share it with hospitals worldwide. Last year the AshleyCan foundation donated over $20,000 to St. Jude. They are planning to grow that to a goal that Ashley herself wanted to reach. Ashley wanted the foundation to donate to St. Jude each year. The cost to run the hospital for a day is currently 2.7 Million. Ashley Can also assists families financially. They help with bills such as mortgage or rent, utilities, car payments, car repairs, medical bills, food & clothing. They also buy Christmas gifts.

"Families can find assistance by going to or email Maureen Montgomery at maureen [@]

Would you want to work with the AshleyCan Pediatric Cancer Foundation were Ashley not your cousin? We know the answer is, "yes," so the follow up question is: "Why?"

"Yes. Go read her story on the AshleyCan website. If you read her story and it does not make you think, hey, my life is not really that bad, or does not inspire you to be better, I am not sure what will. I have been contacted by friends I have not spoken to in years, and people I do not even know who have asked how they can be involved with AshleyCan simply because they read her story and were inspired. They were moved by Ashley’s journey and her passion to help others fight and beat pediatric cancer for years to come."

Aside from buying a SmartLift® , how can individuals support Ashley Can?

"People can help by sponsoring or participating in the many events put on by the foundation. They can donate money or items for raffles. Promote the AshleyCan foundation. Volunteer as a board member or event volunteer. Many board members can do things to help right from their homes. You can help by doing what SmartLift® is doing. All members of the foundation are volunteers. No one gets paid."

Not many get to leave such a legacy behind. What do you think Ashley would say if she saw how her foundation has continued helping others?

"Ashley would not say anything about herself at all. She never wanted to be associated with cancer. What helped her battle through it all was her attitude. As my Aunt Maureen & Uncle Mike would always say, Ashley’s battle with cancer was 10% treatment, 90% attitude. Ashley always wanted to be at foundation events, as well as St. Jude events. She participated in as many events as she could and would be upset if she could not attend. At times she would leave the hospital and go to the event for a day, then go directly back to the hospital. It was always about helping others. I think Ashley would first of all say thank you to each person who has contributed to the foundation, even in the smallest way. Secondly, I think she would be challenging everyone to continue to do more for these children and families living a life with cancer and remind us all that we can have a big impact."

We'd like to thank the AshleyCan Foundation for allowing us to partner with them to help promote this noteworthy, all-too-important cause.

"Ashley showed us that a cure is 10% treatment & 90% Attitude. Ashley is an Extraordinary Young Women, a Hero." -"

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