Posted on August 3, 2016

How hard is it to operate a SmartLift

How hard is it to operate a SmartLift

Operating heavy equipment is no light task, regardless of the task at hand. Extreme caution should always be taken, even when the equipment is as smart as a SmartLift. Thinking heavy equipment lifting is, "easy," has a soft tendency to leads to a lack of concentration, which can lead to injuries.

That said, the SmartLift® machine is a fluid, well-thought-out line of glass lifting machines.

We provide thorough, complete training for first-timers and novices

If you're not completely sure how to operate a SmartLift, we've got your covered. Our friendly, helpful team will give you a great, tried-and-true training session to make sure you have the ins and outs covered before you perform your first lift.

These training sessions are typically provided on delivery or customer pickup.

Always read the manual

No lifting machine is worth its weight in gold if it doesn't come with a manual. SmartLift's manual is thorough, complete, and covers every important aspect of the machine's operation, care, and maintenance.

Remember to stand back when using the remote.

It sounds silly, but no more than not reminding folks that SmartLifts come with remote controls so you can perform glass vacuum lifts safely, easily, and from a safe distance.

Not sure? Give us a call

Of course, if you're not certain about an aspect of the SmartLift, we're always just a phone call away. We'll be happy to answer your questions and re-set your project on solid footing.

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