Posted on July 19, 2017

Inside the 380 Outdoor HL

Inside the 380 Outdoor HL

The 380 Indoor is perhaps our best-selling glass lifting and installation machine. We say "perhaps" because we like to look at all our machines as equal.

What does separate the 380 Indoor is its versatility and ability to easily move from location to location on a project site.

When folks want to bring that same versatility and maneuverability outdoors, they often go with the 380 Outdoor HL glass lifter and installer.

The 380 Outdoor HL is a little meatier, weighing in at just under 1,500 lbs. The amount of work on one charge is about the same and the range is similar. The modified dimensions make it better able to handle the rough and uneven terrain typically found on outdoor job sites.

"Can't I just swap the tires?"

If you were thinking about asking:

"Why can't I just buy the outdoor tires and put it on the 380 Indoor?"

Don't worry. You wouldn't have been the first to ask. Going with just a tire swap is typically not recommended. These modifications are just as important as the type of tire used on the machine. The built-in extra stability will keep your loads safe and your employees safer.

Rental, Sales, and Maintenance available.

The 380 Outdoor HL is available for sales, short-term, and long-term rental. We provide service and routine maintenance contracts. And, we offer a partial free deliver on rentals three months or longer, with full free delivery on rentals six months or longer.

Want to learn how to get a 380 Outdoor HL onto your project without digging too deep into your pocket? Contact us today.

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