Posted on September 21, 2016

Is SmartLift® a Glass Lifting Machine, Vacuum Lifter, or Manipulator?

Is SmartLift® a Glass Lifting Machine, Vacuum Lifter, or Manipulator?

We're excited about how the word is getting out about SmartLift. We're getting calls in from clients who continue to ask, "Just what exactly is a SmartLift?"

The great thing about SmartLift® embodies the best qualities of three industry-standard machines:

  1. Glass Lifting Machine
  2. Glass Vacuum Lifter
  3. Glass Manipulator

Here's how:


1) Why it's a glass lifting machine

With its extended boom, high-end Danish craftsmanship, and array of accessories, SmartLift® can lift a variety of panes, frames, and custom pieces of glass.

2) Why it's a glass vacuum lifter

SmartLift® comes equipped standard with high-end vacuum suction lifters to lift both light and heavy pieces. For those oblong, curved, and all-around custom pieces of glass, SmartLift® can be fitted with additional suction cups to stabilize the piece.

3) Why it's a glass manipulator

Put all its glass and vacuum lifting accessories together with the ability to move the pieces across the work site, over smooth & rough terrain, and lift those pieces high above to where there need to go.

Meeting and exceeding expectations. That's SmartLift.

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