Posted on August 17, 2016

Is there a SmartLift® manual?

Is there a SmartLift® manual?

Before we get asked, "Is there a SmartLift® manual?"

Yes. Yes, there is.

It covers basic operations

As we talked about in our post How hard is it to operate a SmartLift, the SmartLift® manual covers all basic operations of the machine's functions. From basic vacuum lifting techniques to the proper installation of accessories, and how to prepare for custom lifts, the SmartLift® manual has best practices ready for you to learn.


The manual is also the place to learn and log basic maintenance, inspections, and preventative maintenance functions. It has nice places to let you keep track of inspections and maintenance performed, and will help you plan for when parts are reaching end-of-life and should be replaced.

Each Model has its own manual

For as similar as all the SmartLifts are in form, function, and operation, there are subtle differences that make operating each machine unique.

Fear not, each machine comes with the manual custom tailored to its operation.

"Will I get a copy of the manual when I rent?"

Absolutely! An operating manual comes with each and every SmartLift® glass lifting machine we rent or sell.

Still have questions? We'll have your answer

If you come up with a question that you just can't seem to find the answer for in the manual then, please, call us. Our friendly, helpful team will be there to address your concerns and make sure you can continue to operation the machine safely and securely for the project you're on and for projects to come.

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