SmartLift® 380 Outdoor High Lifter - Angle View

380 Outdoor HL

For outdoor lifting challenges that require a longer reach and higher lifting height, the SmartLift® 380 Outdoor High Lifter can lift over 830 lbs. and is specifically designed for terrain that's off the beaten path.
  • Hoist max weight: Normal - 837 lbs. Extended - 220 lbs.
  • Lifting height: 11.55 ft.
  • Tip from horizontal: 45 degrees back. 90 degrees forward.
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 2.7 ft. x 4.4 ft. x 7.2 ft.
  • Weight: 1,499 lbs.
  • Running Period: Approx. 30 hours
  • Standard Battery Charging time: Approx. 8 hours

SMARTLIFT® 380 Outdoor HL

The 380 Outdoor High Lifter was designed to make its way around bumpy construction sites while lending an extra-long hand. Self-propelled with front wheel drive to make its way over uneven surfaces, its wide tires and steering axle stabilize heavy loads during lifting and transport. Each 380 Outdoor High Lifter has a dual-circuit vacuum system with two vacuum pumps. Coupled with its 1,200-watt engine and electronic braking system, the 380 Outdoor High Lifter is more than equipped for the job, whatever the surface.


The 380 Outdoor High Lifter can run up to 30 hours on a single charge thanks to its long lasting custom-made battery. Charge at the end of the day and be ready to go again the next morning.

Suction Pads

The 12" suction pads come standard with the 380 Outdoor High Lifter. For specialty lifts such as fire doors and gates, additional suction pads are available, ranging from 5" to 16".

Puncture Proof Tires

4 extra-wide puncture proof tires come standard with the 380 Outdoor High Lifter. Each set are filled with foam for improved stability and smoother ride on bumpy job sites.


The radio remote control feature allows the operator to be at a safe distance when positioning the SmartLift® machine and its hoisted materials.

380 Indoor Lifting Capacity 380 Indoor Lifting Capacity

Outdoor Ramp

The 380 Outdoor High Lifter uses an aluminum diamond plate outdoor ramp which measures in at just over 8'2" long and 2'9" wide. It's durable and can load & offload on a variety of surfaces.

Lifting Hook

The lifting hook allows the SmartLift® machine to lift more than windows, glass and fire doors. The hook can lift a wide range of materials outside of its standard glass and solid surface handling.

Pallet Fork Type 30

Pallet Fork Type 300

Turn the 380 Outdoor High Lifter into a pallet jack with SmartLift®'s interchangeable pallet fork type 300 that will lift loads up to 660 lbs.

Ball Joint for Suction Pad

Ball Joint for Suction Pad

For those curved or elliptical panes, use SmartLift®'s ball joint for suction pad accessory. Please consult with us before using this accessory for the first time on a given size / shape / weight pane.



Curved pieces need special connectors. SmartLift®'s Flexolinks rubber connectors are designed to handle such curved pieces. Flexolinks come in two sizes: one that can support a load up to 279 lbs. and one that can support up to 1,322 lbs.

Suction Pad Extender

Suction Pad Extender

SmartLift® suction pad extenders are available for those custom jobs that need a couple more inches. There are a variety of suction pad extenders available, providing flexibility for many different sizes and types of projects

Suction Pads for Fire Doors

Suction Pads for Fire Doors

SmartLift® developed accessories designed for picking up large items such as fire doors, but it requires special equipment. Ask us today about these helpful pads.

Flexi Beam

Flexi Beam

The SmartLift® Flexi Beam is designed to allow operators to rotate both pairs of suction pads in order to properly fit the pads to the piece. This is for custom pieces with uneven weight distribution.

Distributor Block

Distributor Block

Some pieces require more than the standard four pads in order to lift. With the distributor block, you will be able to add additional suction pads, increasing the stability and security of your hold.

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