Posted on June 29, 2016

What to look for in a glass lifting machine (aka Glass Vacuum Lifters)

What to look for in a glass lifting machine (aka Glass Vacuum Lifters)

Glass lifting machines can save hours upon hours of labor time on the job site. More importantly, they make the work safer for everyone involved. But, of course you knew that or you wouldn't be here.

So what separates these machines? Sometimes, it depends on your needs.

Weights & Lengths

Picking a glass lifting machine is much like the old joke of the hikers in the woods being chased by a bear:

"I don't have to outrun the bear. I only have to outrun you."

If all you need is to install a few bay windows from inside a new home construction site, then you don't need a machine that can lift the triple pane glass facades for installation on the side of a bank. It would be cool to have the power, and if your budget affords it, then more power to you. But in most cases, getting too much more than what you need simply isn't feasible.

Start with what you need. What do you need to lift. Basic questions: How high? do you need to lift it? How long does it need to stay up in the air? Straight or curved pieces - or both in your load? The data from these answers will tell you which machine types to target.

Hours of Operation

Smaller machines typically operate longer than the bigger machines. For example, our SmartLift® 380 Indoor can go up to 30 hours on one charge while our behemothian SmartLift® 708 Outdoor will go 8 hours on one charge. In both cases, they take about 8 hours to recharge and go again.


Those curved pieces, gates, and fire doors are going to need special accessories. Since each of these specialty pieces are typically custom-fabricated, any company you get a machine from will need to know the specs to fit you with the proper accessories - suction pads, forklift extension...


There's a reason why we have "Indoor" and "Outdoor" machines. While the Indoor's puncture proof tires will typically work on indoor surfaces without much scratching, the indoor machines can work on stable outdoor surfaces, it's not a perfect crossover. If the surfaces outside are uneven or rocky, make sure you're going with the outdoor models. If the indoor surfaces are porcelain tile or something soft and elegant, you would be better off going with the indoor model.

Don't try to save a couple bucks by cutting corners.

Warranties and Service Agreements

A machine can only be as durable if they are routinely and properly cared for. Going with machines that offer service agreements and warranties will let you know that every detail was considered when going into the making of the machines. Even if you don't take the Service Agreement and decide to care for it alone, you'll know the lifting company knows what it takes to keep machinery in peak working condition.

To learn more about the basics on Glass Lifting Machines before making the decision to buy or rent, contact us today.

Lifting machines are what we know. And with our new vacuum lifters, you'll have niche-specific, high-end glass lifting machines that were made to do the job right the first time

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