Posted on March 17, 2017

Where to get a SmartLift® that's not on our product list

Where to get a SmartLift® that

It's true, we are the exclusive US dealer for the entire line of SmartLift® glass lifting machines. We provide a comprehensive line of glass lifters to fill an incredible array of needs. We're the source.

If you go to the SmartLift® product manufacturer website, you will find they have additional specialty glass lifters that we don't advertise on the site. If you're for one that provides a specific need, there are a few things we can do.

We can update attachments to meet your specifications.

For example, With the 400 Sky Lifter glass attachment, you could complex pieces lift nearly 900 lbs. This will add additional boost to your existing machines.

SmartLift® also has custom attachment pieces to lift custom and curved pieces of glass and other similar materials as well as fire-rated doors.

We can change the type of tires for indoor / outdoor use.

Say you have, or want, the 580 Indoor glass lifter, but you want to use it outdoors,, we can change the tires, to supply for you with an outdoor tire that will help you traverse uneven outdoor terrain.

As a reminder from the redundancy department of the redundant, while the upside of outdoor tires is their ability to handle the rocky ground, they are more prone to potentially scratching delicate indoor flooring and surfaces. Use caution if you choose to ride them inside the job site. Though, let's not forgot, we also offer tire covers that can protect those delicate floorings.


There's always a plan, and there's always a solution.

Contact us today if you need a custom glass lifting solution. If we don't have it, there's a better than average chance we can develop a solution to fit your needs.

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