Posted on March 10, 2009

Spider Crane Mini Crane w376 - Now Available for Crane Rental!

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest and most capable Spider Crane yet. The Spider Crane w376 is the big brother to our w295 Mini Crane, still packed in a compact and practical design but packs a much powerful punch. The larger size of the Crawler Crane w376 will facilitate more lifting power and allow an even greater reach. Some quick facts about w376 Spider Crane is that it’s 48-inches wide, has a reach of 49-feet, possesses a lifting capacity of 6,680 lbs and comes standard with all the amenities of the w295 Spider Crane.

For more information about the latest mini crawler addition to the Spider Crane family contact the crane sales office at 815-931-4825 or email us at

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