Posted on October 24, 2017

Vacuum Lifters for Glass.

Vacuum Lifters for Glass.

Vacuum Lifters are incredible machines. With just four suction cups and a sturdy machine, you can lift incredibly heavy pieces of commercial-grade glass and keep them suspended in air while you install them. No worries about the crew tiring out, slipping, and dropping the piece. No worries about anyone tripping, falling, and dropping it during transport. And the edges stay protected. Truly incredible machines.

The accessories, the attachments, and the deals are incredible as well.


Our line of glass lifting / vacuum lifters cover the size and scope of every standard issue piece of construction glass, and can stick to most any custom piece on the market. Or in the shop. Or in your designer's imagination.

Accessories & Attachments.

To work with those custom pieces, we have a complete spectrum of attachments to help us handle the most twisted, curved, and oblong shapes that have made it out of glass shops. Most of them come standard. There are attachments such as the 400 Sky Lifter we can include upon request.

And deals.

Are deals stack up with anyone in the industry. We offer free delivery on long term rentals and bulk orders. We also offer partial free delivery on 3-month rental options. Once again, each deal is custom. The more you rent or buy, the sweeter the deal becomes.

To learn how to lift you project up with vacuum lifters, contact us today.

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