Posted on January 31, 2018

What is a Glass Manipulator?

Glass "Manipulator." The name sounds so devious, but its function is irreplaceable. Probably the only thing really devious about it is that there are about 5 different industry names which get interweave around each other like threads in a fabric. Off the top of my head I can think of a few other such names:

  • Glass Lifting Machine
  • Glass Vacuum Lifter
  • Glazing Robot
  • Vacuum Lifter
  • Glass Lifter

SmartLift® essentially goes by each and all these names. The thing you need to know is that with a SmartLift® glass manipulator, you can hoist, twist, turn, and rotate commercial-grade windows and glass – along with their domestic cousins – using only a few flicks of the wrist.


We have glass manipulating machines

Any one of the SmartLift® line of glass manipulator machines can hold, hoist, and move pieces on a job site. Some work indoors. Some work outdoors. All of them are incredible.

We have glass manipulator attachments.

For those who already have a hydraulic lifting machine and just need the attachment, we have the SmartLift® 400 Sky Lifter. It connects easily and can lift pieces weighing over 800 lbs.

We have glass manipulator accessories.

Because some glass pieces are custom built to specifically fit the warped minds of dynamic, visionary architects, we have several attachment to make sure you can lift, hoist, manipulate, and hold any glass piece – straight, curved, and otherwise – in place so your glazers can finish the installation.

Glass Manipulator, or whatever name you want to give it..

When you go with SmartLift®, you go with the smart choice for lifting and holding commercial-grade glass pieces, windows, and even fire-rated doors. Contact us today to learn more.

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