Posted on December 7, 2016

What to look for in a glass lifting machine & handler

What to look for in a glass lifting machine & handler

For some of us, what we look for in a glass lifting machine is something that can transform into an Autobot. They carry their own loads to the job site. They can heal themselves and charge themselves. Perfectly self-sufficient.

But, since the budget for such things are typically more expensive than combination of jobs performed in a year, they're typically not feasibly. Awesome, but not feasible.

So, for the rest of the work not featured in an over-the-top Michael Bay movie, we recommend the following features to consider when selecting a glass lifting machine.

The size and height

Yeah, go figure. We know. Still, you'll want to have first account

  • the size and weight of the glass and like materials to be lifted
  • the length and height for each lift.
  • the number of pieces involved.

Add all that up and you'll start to get an idea of the hours involved in the project. To put it shorter, you'll know the work involved.

Know the work, know the tool you'll need. From there, you can find the right tool for the job. The type of glass handler, at this point, is starting to become readily apparent.

The Work Environment

As nice as it would be to have perfect, sunshine & 72-degree days and flawless tarmacs on which to work, such conditions are scarce.

For every other contingency, the terrain and weather will have to be accounted for. This will tell you how many good days you'll have to get the work done as well as whether or not you'll need a crane for indoor work, outdoor work, or both.

Your Schedule - and if you have time for maintenance

Ahhh, now you know the scope of the work and the days you'll need it for. Now, you'll want to make sure the crane company has one available at the time you need it.

While, once in a while, there is an extra one available in the lot available on command. But usually, during peak season, a little advanced notice is needed.

When it comes to maintenance, once the work is sorted out, it makes it easier to sort out how a repair & upkeep schedule. Once you get on a good schedule, the work tends to be more seamless.

Free delivery or other specials

While you're at it, get the most you can for your money. For example, we typically offer free delivery on long-term rentals and some sales specials. We also offer nice service & maintenance agreements to keep you work flowing.

Once you have the plan, it's time to get the machine

For more information on how to get the right glass handling machine for the job, contact us today. Our SmartLift® of glass lifting machines will help you move, lift, and install all the glass you can handle.

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