Posted on April 28, 2017

Is it too late in the season to rent a SmartLift® glass lifter?

Is it too late in the season to rent a SmartLift® glass lifter?

Another good frequently-asked question from our mailbox:

"Is it too late in the season to rent a SmartLift®?"

Our answer: absolutely not.

The wonderful thing about construction seasons in the US is that they're always changing. The wonderful thing about SmartLift® glass lifters is that we have indoor and outdoor machines.

We're typically scheduling rentals and making sales on our machines throughout the year because of different length of construction seasons. This means we're typically prepared.

Occasionally, like this time of year – thus the great question – those rushes start to bump into each other. So, in these cases, it's never a "no," but it might be a, "it's gonna be a little while. We've got a few coming in. And once they're in we'll have to clean'm up and service them. Then, it's all yours."

This is also the case for the indoor machines, albeit to a smaller degree

Since our indoor machines are rented in colder seasons, we usually have more of them ready for circulation to handle demand. Granted, this time of year is another peak season, but that "It's gonna be a while…" reply typically ends with a shorter turn-around time.

But, if you are running late on your scheduling for the season, do what you can to contact us as soon as you can.

The sooner you reserve one, the sooner it will be ready.

For more information on rentals and turn-around times, contact us today!

And have a great construction season!

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