Posted on June 22, 2016

Where to Get the SmartLift® Manuals

Where to Get the SmartLift® Manuals

Our SmartLift® lifting machines are so fresh and new that they ink is still drying on some of the operational manuals.

Below is a list of where you can find the documentation needed to learn more - and eventually operate - one of your own handy glass vacuum lifter.

Product Specs are on the website.

Pick any one of our SmartLift® lifters, go to their product page, and you will see where the PDF manuals are located. They are downloadable. Feel free to save and read them.

Additional specialty accessory specs are available by request.

Most all of our accessories are talked about on this website.

There are some obscure, specialty accessories for those one-of-a-kind project such as custom and curved pieces of glass. For these pieces, we suggest contacting us directly. There's usually a specific combination of accessories that has to be sorted out to safely complete your lift.

Operations Manual and training comes with rental / purchase.

Standard operating procedure is to equip every SmartLift® with a thorough operation manual for the specific device.

We also take each customer through a comprehensive training session and don't leave you until you are confident about operating the machine by yourself.

Read up, then rent or buy.

We're here for any and all questions you might have. We'll also get you any more materials you'd like to read. Contact us today, and we'll square you up.

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