Posted on May 4, 2016

Why we have custom service agreements for Spydercranes and SmartLift® lifting machines

Why we have custom service agreements for Spydercranes and SmartLift® lifting machines

As we often like to say, to keep anything running for a long time is to keep it running well. Other than the sun, to keep anything you care about in peak working condition, routine scheduled maintenance must be performed. This includes both our Spydercranes and SmartLift® lifting machines.

But who has the time? And, often, more important: who has the expertise?

In most cases, our customers have some of both but not everything they need to keep SmartLift® lifting machines and Spydercrane running at peak efficiency. Luckily for them, we have both the time and expertise. That's why we offer service agreements on our lines of lifting machines: to help fill our customers' gaps.

Some customers have their own maintenance / technical / engineering staff

Most of our customers have an internal maintenance staff that can perform several of the basic tasks on the lifting machines. But when it comes to the more intricate work or repairs, they call our specialized team to get the job done.

It's what we do.


Some like a second set of hands

We also have clients who have several teams running our lifting machines in different parts of the country. In this case, they call our service team to handle the upkeep on the machines in location A, while their own team handles the work in location B.

It's why we're here.

Some need it all.

While other companies don't have the luxury of a full-scale maintenance team. In this situations, we perform all the routine scheduled inspections and maintenance.

We're happy to lend a hand.

Whatever your needs, we will custom design a service agreement to accommodate

Within reason, of course. :-)

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