Posted on September 7, 2016

Why SmartLift® works well as a rolling glass manipulator

Why SmartLift® works well as a rolling glass manipulator

What makes SmartLift® so brilliant is that not only does it qualify as one of the many existing types of glass lifting machines, but it exceeds what is expected from them.

For example, SmartLift® makes the perfect rolling glass manipulator

How so?

1) - SmartLift® has custom vacuum suction cup lifters: SmartLift® can handle heavy pieces, light pieces, custom-cut oblong panes, and other heavy materials such as Fire doors.

2) - SmartLift® is portable: With a handy remote control, the Smart Lift can move pieces over smooth and rough terrains alike. That exceeds what most glass manipulators can do.

3) - Elevate Up and Beyond: SmartLift® lifts and holds like a glass manipulator. What separates SmartLift® from other glass manipulators is that it can elevate those pieces into high places. Very. High. Places.


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