Posted on April 25, 2018

Window installation equipment, for those days.

Window installation equipment, for those days.

We got a follow-up email to our question for our push-button glass installation equipment: "Okay. But can they at least do window installations by themselves? 😊 "

Wouldn't that be nice? Set the machine and go off to sheet rocking or roofing or some other labor-intensive task? Yeah, it would be great.

Like AI push-button glass installation, AI push-button window installation isn't an economically feasible solution, today. But we could see that day a'comin' soon, especially for commercial projects. With industry-standards, construction standards and design symmetry, it would be plausible to line a glass installation machine up, hit its points, and go to town. Even putting it on a track and lining it up to do a row of windows at a time would make sense.

The tech industry is working like mad to make it a possibility (click here).

In the unlikely event that push-button window installation machines are available in the next couple years, be the first to hear about it by subscribing below to our newsletter.

As for the type of window installation machines that do all the work but the securing of the window to the structure, check out our SmartLift® glass lifters.

And for like any type of glass our machines lift, we have the equipment, accessories, and team support to make sure you get the right tools for each lift (and hold).

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