URW 295

URW 295

Our most popular Spydercrane - The URW295 is a surprisingly powerful mini crawler crane in a super small package. Bring 3 tons of lifting power while still fitting through a standard doorway!

  • Max Lifting Capacity 6,450 lbs. @ 4.6 ft.
  • Working Radius 1.5 ft. to 28 ft.
  • Fits Through a Standard Doorway
Spydercrane Mini-Crawler Cranes - Four Models To Choose From Spydercrane Mini-Crawler Cranes - Four Models To Choose From

Official Spydercrane mini crawler crane sales, rentals & parts provider

Welcome to Great Lakes Lifting Solutions, your official UNIC Spydercrane mini crawler crane dealer. Located near Chicago, we offer new and used Spydercrane sales, nationwide rentals and service, as well as training. Over the years our clients have built some amazing things with our Spydercranes - What can we help you build?

What are Spydercranes?

Spydercranes offer big possibilities in a small package. In fact, our smallest mini crawler crane model provides a maximum lifting capacity of 6,450 lbs. and even fits through a standard doorway! Our largest model hefts 13,200 lbs., folds to a width of 5.2 ft. for easy transport and all of our models run on Mylar tracks to prevent marks on indoor surfaces.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Spydercrane mini crawler cranes are engineered to help you get the job done right in any environment. Individually adjustable outrigger legs allow for use on uneven surfaces and provide enough stability to allow lifting loads closer to the center line of rotation than is possible with carry-deck cranes. From this solid base, the rigid hexagonal boom design allows for greater control and accuracy. Safety features like the Spydercrane's patented Turn-Over-Protection System help provide peace of mind while on the job site. The optional electric engine cuts down on harmful emissions and allows for work to be done safely in poorly-ventilated areas, not only inside of buildings, but underground.

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