Posted on November 15, 2017

Glass Manipulators, and the control that comes with them.

Glass Manipulators, and the control that comes with them.

Glass Manipulators are an incredible, detail-oriented machine. They're the ones that let you perfectly position custom pieces of glass, allowing them to be installed at angles other than 90-degree intervals. You have stacks of curved pieces that need to be installed on a 5/12 pitch roof? You either wear your team's backs out, pray you can adjust the installation cables ju-ust right, or you go with a glass manipulator.

At Great Lakes Lifting, we provide Glass Manipulators for most every location.

Elevated Glass Manipulators.

For those 5/12 pitch roofs and the more oblong, we have glass lifting attachments that work with either our Spydercrane Mini Crawler Cranes, or probably with the crane your project is using. We only ask you consult with our awesome, helpful team to make sure we get the details sorted just right.

Then, your installation project will flow more focused, freely, and efficiently.

Hands-On Glass Manipulators.

For those pieces that don't plan on leaving the floor or level, our SmartLift® Glass Lifting Machines can lift, transport, and hold each piece for you, at the angle you need it held, for the whole of the 8-hour work shift when needed. Our suite of attachments allows SmartLift® to hold the most bowl-like, snake-like, and one-of-a-kind curved pieces regardless of weight distribution within the glass piece. A little math is all it takes.

And if you only need to go one level up, SmartLift®s have glass lifting attachments that allow for elevated installations.

Our Glass Manipulators allow you the freedom to manipulate the circumstances to create the perfect glass lift & installation.

For more information on our glass manipulator solutions, contact us today.

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