Spydercrane URW376

URW 376

With a longer boom and more powerful motor, the URW376 mini crawler crane reaches new heights in less time, and still fits through a set of double doors!
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity 6,475 lbs. @ 8.2 ft.
  • Working Radius 1.7 ft. to 47.4 ft.
  • Fits Through Double Doors
  • Dimensions (W x H x L) 4.3 x 5.9 x 14.1 ft.
  • Weight 8,488 lbs.
  • Engine Options Diesel and diesel/electric


Although it has a similar maximum load as its little brother, the URW295, the Spydercrane URW376 mini crawler crane can raise its maximum load of 6,475 lbs. up to 8.2 ft., nearly twice what the URW295 can do! Its tip height is 51 ft., yet this mighty machine folds to 4.3 ft. wide and fits easily through a set of double doors. Powered by a 24.2 HP motor and able to turn out 1.9 MPH running speeds, the URW376 is faster, as well as more powerful. Like all Spydercranes, this model offers 360 degree continuous rotation and can be operated from its work platform, or by remote control, providing maximum flexibility for operators. Another Spydercrane standard, infinitely variable controls, allow for multiple functions to take place simultaneously. All of this power and versatility is available in a machine that is guaranteed to operate at 70 decibels or less within a 24 ft. radius. That's about as loud as a standard vacuum cleaner! Mylar tracks, available for all of our models, avoid leaving marks on indoor surfaces.

Compact Design

What separates Spydercranes from other cranes is the extra production achieved due to its compact & flexible design. The URW 376 fits through double doors and can scale where other cranes are not able to go. This allows for efficient work in confined, restricted working spaces. Spydercrane provides excellent lifting capacity and experienced operators can take it from a travel position to a fully expanded position in approximately 5 minutes.

Versatile Outrigger Configurations

The URW 376's versatile outrigger configurations permit each outrigger leg to be adjusted independently so the crane can operate on uneven surfaces. Setting up around obstacles becomes easier with multiple-leg extension and angle positions.

Standard Radio Remote Control

To increase operator flexibility, the URW 376 includes a standard radio remote control. It allows for the best visibility, precision load placement and safest proximity. The Spydercrane radio remote includes automatic throttle activation, emergency shut-down, multiple speed selections and a pressure sensitive trigger for speed control.

Excellent Working Radius

It is nearly impossible to find a carry-deck crane with a wider working radius than the Spydercrane. With a 360-degree continuous-rotation boom for safe lifting in all directions - even when the outriggers are set in the maximum position - the Spydercrane URW 376 allows operators to lift loads closer to the center line of rotation.

Anti-Two Block System

To help eliminate overhoisting damage at the boom tip, the Spydercrane's Anti-Two Block System warns operators when the hook reaches maximum safe height. A standard feature on the URW 376, the Anti-Two Block System's lock-out feature stops further forward travel to minimize chances for injury or overall damage.

Onboard Self Diagnostic System

Another industry-leading standard feature by Spydercrane, the Onboard Self Diagnostic System indicates the URW 376's operating status. The feature reduces downtime by proactively performing thorough and complete service diagnostics.

Boxed Boom Design

Increased rigidity is a must in Spydercranes. On the URW 376, the Spydercrane's Boxed Boom Design significantly reduces sway, thereby increasing accuracy and safety in the mini crane's operations.

Additional Safety Features

If the industry-leading features mentioned above weren't enough to entice you, the URW 376 has a slew of additional safety features to keep productive and secure for years to come. These features include hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve and bubble-style level for outrigger leveling, hook safety latch, over-winding prevention device and alarm, working area limitation, automatic hook stow system, minimum wire rope automatic stop and more...

Searcher Hook

Perfect for bringing heavy lifting power into places a boom just won't fit, our searcher hooks offer tilt angles of 0, 20, 40, and 60 degrees to give you precision in tight spaces. The URW376 Searcher Hook is 31 in. long and offers a lifting capacity of 1100 lbs.

Single Person Work Basket

Our single person work baskets provide a secure 2 ft. square platform of workspace able to support up to 300 lbs. Use the remote control to lift yourself nearly 50 ft. in the air with the URW376!

Single Line Swivel Mini Ball

Keep your cable under control with our Single Line Swivel Mini Ball, just one more way Spydercrane mini crawler cranes keep you safe and in control. The Swivel Mini Ball and the URW376 won't let your materials get away from you!

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