Spydercrane Accessories

Spydercrane's revolutionary design and flexibility set it apart from its hydraulic and mini crane counterparts, but there's even more to this game-changing design than its core functionality. Take a look below at the parts and accessories to see how Spydercrane's combination of technological advancements and configurations bring new meaning to the term, "bending over backwards to please."

Searcher Hook

With lengths and lifting capacity suited for each machine, the Spydercrane line of Searcher Hooks provides a post where booms won’t fit. Each searcher hook offers tilt angles of 0, 20, 40, and 60 degrees, allowing for easier noodling into nooks and crannies.

Single Person Work Basket

Each Spydercrane is capable of being equipped with a secure 2 ft. square platform work basket, providing a workspace that can support up to 300 lbs. The combination of power and rigidity allows workers to get into spots that scissor lifts can’t go.

Auxiliary Winch Kit

Lifting 2000 lb. loads using 330 ft. of wire rope and power to move materials up to 90 fpm, Spydercrane’s Auxiliary Winch kit combines with the overhaul ball, hook and safety latch to raise and lower materials safely into place. For maximum versatility, the Auxiliary Winch Kit works along with the standard radio remote control.

Single Line Swivel Mini Ball

Providing precision, power and protection during operation, the Single Line Swivel Ball helps keep your cable under control during operation. Just one more way Spydercrane helps keeps you safe and provides maximum control for the crane operator.

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