SmartLift® Accessories

SmartLift® glass handling machines have helped revolutionize the glass lifting industry. The entire line has been expertly crafted to go above and beyond the industry standards in efficiency, precision, and safety. Coupled with our range of accessories, there's no wonder SmartLift® is a leader in the glass lifting industry.

Indoor Ramp

Easily load and unload your SmartLift® indoor machine for inside jobs with the aluminum diamond plate indoor ramp.
Dimensions: 6'6" by 2'1"

Outdoor Ramp

When your jobs require you to move outside, the SmartLift® outdoor ramp allows you to easily load and unload your glass lifting machine in and out of your vehicle.
Dimensions: 8'2" by 2'9"

Lifting Hooks

With the SmartLift® lifting hooks, you can handle more than just windows, glass, and fire doors. These hooks were designed to take your lifting capabilities beyond smooth surfaces.

Pallet Fork Type 300 or 500

The SmartLift® pallet fork type 300 or 500 transforms your glass handling machine into a pallet jack. With the type 300, you can lift loads up to 660 lbs. and with the type 500, you can easily handle loads up to 1,100 lbs.

Ball Joint for Suction Pad

Ball Joint for Suction Pad

The SmartLift® ball joint suctions pads were specifically designed to handle curved and elliptical loads with ease. Contact the SmartLift® team to determine which specific ball joints are needed for your loads.



SmartLift® flexolinks come in two sizes to allow you to handle curved pieces of glass with ease. These special rubber connectors can handle loads up to 279 lbs. or 1,322 lbs.

Suction Pad Extender

Suction Pad Extenders

For jobs that require just a little extra reach, grab the SmartLift® suction pad extenders. Contact the SmartLift® team to determine which suction pad extenders are the right fit for your project.

Flexi Beam

Flexi Beam

The SmartLift® flexi beams were designed to allow you to custom fit suction pads to your load for more even distribution.

Distributor Block

Distributor Block

Need to add more suction pads to your glass lifting machine? Grab the SmartLift® distributor block to help stabilize your load.

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