Take Your Projects to New Heights with Spydercrane

Compact, versatile and surprisingly powerful, our Spydercrane mini cranes can lift up to a whopping 8,920 lbs. @ 8 FT. With 5 models to choose from, our smaller models even fit through a standard doorway during transport, allowing you to move your Spydercrane into some of the most hard to reach places. Whether you need your crane positioned at the peak of a high-rise to hoist materials or to lift storage crates to the second floor of your warehouse, Spydercrane has the flexibility and power you need to lift your project to new heights.

Spydercrane Features

  • Lifts Up To 8,920 LBS @ 8 FT
  • Radio Remote Controlled
  • Compact Design
  • Versatile Outrigger Configurations
  • Excellent Working Radius
  • Turn-Over-Protection System

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Spydercrane Models

URW 094 URW 094
Maximum Lifting Capacity 1,990 lbs.
@ 8.2 ft.
Working Radius 3 ft. to 16.9 ft.
Fits Through Doorway Standard Doorway
Dimensions 1.9 x 4.2 x 6.1 ft.
Weight 2,400 lbs.
Engine Options Zero Emissions
Battery-Powered Engine w/ 110V Charging System
URW 295 URW 295
Maximum Lifting Capacity 6,450 lbs.
@ 4.6 ft.
Working Radius 1.5 ft. to 28 ft.
Fits Through Doorway Standard Door
Dimensions 2.0 x 4.6 x 9.0 ft.
Weight 4,100 lbs.
Engine Options Gas,
& Diesel/Electric
URW 376 URW 376
Maximum Lifting Capacity 6,475 lbs.
@ 8.2 ft.
Working Radius 1.7 ft. to 47.4 ft.
Fits Through Doorway Double Doors
Dimensions 4.3 x 5.9 x 14.1 ft.
Weight 8,488 lbs.
Engine Options Diesel &
URW 547 URW 547
Maximum Lifting Capacity 8,920 lbs.
@ 8 ft.
Working Radius 2.2 ft. to 50.9 ft.
Fits Through Doorway Double Doors
Dimensions 4.52 x 6.67 x 16 ft.
Weight 11,155 lbs.
Engine Options Diesel &
URW 706 URW 706
Maximum Lifting Capacity 13,330 lbs.
@ 9.8 ft.
Working Radius 1.7 ft. to 61 ft.
Fits Through Doorway Double Doors
Dimensions 5.47 x 7.16 x 18.4 ft.
Weight 17,590 lbs.
Engine Options Diesel &

For Rent

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions offers 5 Spydercrane models available for rent throughout the continental United States. We offer both long and short-term rentals with Free Delivery included with many of our long-term rental agreements and purchases. Contact us today and let us help you discover the power and flexibility of Spydercrane.

Parts, Repairs, & Service Agreements

Our service department at Great Lakes has all the replacement parts needed to maintain and repair your Spydercrane mini crawler. We’ll also keep your machine running at optimal efficiency for years to come with a preventative maintenance service agreement, covering routine maintenance, diagnostics, and regularly scheduled end-of-life part replacements.

Same-Day Financing

Get your Spydercrane in the field quickly with a minimal up-front payment by choosing one of our flexible financing plans. Our finance team will discover your options and assist in picking a plan that will allow you to hold onto more of your working capital and optimize your cash flow. Learn More

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With a wide range of models and a large selection of options to choose from, we're certain to have the right Spydercrane for your next job. To get started, call 815-931-4825 today or use the form below to contact our sales team.

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