Spydercrane URW706

URW 706

The most power you can get in a mini crawler, the URW706 is the Spydercrane for your biggest jobs. Whether you want to work on skyscrapers or move monuments into place, this crane gives you over 6 ½ tons of lifting power, even in tight spots.
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity 13,330 lbs. @ 9.8 ft.
  • Working Radius 1.7 ft. to 61 ft.
  • Fits Through Double Doors
  • Dimensions (W x H x L) 5.47 x 7.16 x 18.4 ft.
  • Weight 17,590 lbs.
  • Engine Options Diesel or diesel/electric


Our largest Spydercrane model, the URW706 mini crawler crane packs a maximum lifting capacity of 13,330 lbs. @ 9.8 ft., with a tip height of 83 ft. Like its smaller siblings, this powerful machine comes in a surprisingly tight package, folding to less then 5.5 ft. wide to fit through a double-doorway. Depending on your choice of diesel or electric motor, the URW706 can put out between 10 and 24 HP and either engine can produce speeds between 1.86 and 3.92 MPH. Its boom lift speed is 0 to 80 degrees in 18-25 seconds. Like all Spydercranes, this model offers 360 degree continuous rotation and can be operated from its work platform, or by remote control, providing maximum flexibility for operators. Another Spydercrane standard, infinitely variable controls, allow for multiple functions to take place simultaneously. All of this power is balanced by an impressive array of safety features.

Compact Design

Imagine a crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 13,330 lbs. @ 9.8 ft. that is also able to fit through a set of double doors when in travel mode. With the Spydercrane URW 706, such an image is reality. The URW 706's compact design allows for efficient productivity in restricted working spaces. An experienced operator can convert the crane from travel mode to a fully expanded position in approximately 5 minutes. All of these factors lead up to Spydercrane's unparalleled lifting capacity.

Versatile Outrigger Configurations

Not all jobs work on flat, even surfaces. The Spydercrane URW 706's unique design provides for versatile outrigger configurations. Each outrigger leg can be adjusted independently, allowing for the cranes to work on uneven surfaces. The URW 706's multiple-leg extension and angle position makes it easy to circumnavigate obstacles.

Standard Radio Remote Control

To compliment its infinitely variable controls that simultaneously allow multiple functions, a radio remote control comes standard with the Spydercrane URW 706. Each remote provides multiple speed selection, a pressure-sensitive trigger for speed control, automatic throttle activation, and emergency shut-down.

Excellent Working Radius

Because of the Spydercrane URW 706's spider-leg design, loads are able to be lifted closer to the center line of rotation. The feature adds greater versatility. The URW 706 also has a 360-degree continuous rotation boom for safe lifting in all directions - even when the outriggers are set to their maximum position.

Anti-Two Block System

With a warning system for operators and function lock-out feature that halts further forward progress when the hook reaches maximum safety height, the Anti-Two Block System reduces the chance for injury. This feature eliminates overhoisting damage at the boom.

Onboard Self Diagnostic System

Spydercrane URW 706 features an Onboard Self Diagnostic System that continually displays its operating status. With its complete service diagnostics, the system helps reduce downtime. The current operation mode is located conveniently on the side of the control box.

Boxed Boom Design

The Boxed Boom Design on the URW 706 greatly reduces sway, provides increased rigidity, and increases accuracy and safety in crane operations.

Additional Safety Features

As with all models, the Spydercrane URW 706 comes equipped with an additional list of safety features including minimum wire rope automatic stop, over-winding prevention device and aim, automatic hook stow system, hook safety latch, hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve, bubble-style level for outrigger leveling, and working area limitation.

Searcher Hook

Perfect for bringing heavy lifting power into places a boom just won't fit, our searcher hooks offer tilt angles of 0, 20, 40, and 60 degrees to give you precision in tight spaces. The URW706 Searcher Hook is 7 ¼ ft. long and offers a lifting capacity of 1760 lbs.

Single Person Work Basket

Our single person work baskets provide a secure 2 ft. square platform of workspace able to support up to 300 lbs. Get a bird's eye view of your work site at 60 ft. with the URW706!

Single Line Swivel Mini Ball

Keep your cable under control with our Single Line Swivel Mini Ball, just one more way Spydercrane mini crawler cranes keep you safe and in control. The Swivel Mini Ball and the URW706 can keep even the biggest jobs on target.

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