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Here on the Great Lakes Lifting Solution Blog we post articles, case studies & frequently asked questions to help everyone who uses these incredible machines. These articles highlight the multitude of uses for Spydercranes and Smartlift® lifting machines.

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Recent Articles

What You Need to Know About New OSHA Standard of WPG Inspections

Our customers have plenty on their minds – first and foremost completing projects on time, on spec, and on budget! For that reason, we are happy to do the dirty work of keeping you up to date with government requirements for machines that we carry, and in the industries we serve.

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions Unveils Machine Maintenance Solutions

Back in February, Great Lakes Lifting Solutions unveiled its plan to offer a new maintenance program, and the program has now officially kicked off for all SmartLift® and Wood's Powr-Grip® models.

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions Extends Partnership with Smartlift A/S (Denmark) as the exclusive midwest dealer of the Smartlift® through 2027.

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions Extends its Partnership with Smarlift A/S (Denmark) as the exclusive midwest dealer of the Smartlift® through 2027.

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions Customer Reviews

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions is proud to have served customers across the United States over the years. We do our best to please, and like any business, we couldn’t do it without our loyal customers!

Lifts, Clamps, or Suction - Which One Works Smarter?

We are talking about ideas for lifting Stone material of course. Most stone materials are more than the average person can lift - about 75lbs on a regular basis, as long as protocols are followed, so an injury doesn't occur.

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