Lifts, Clamps, or Suction - Which One Works Smarter?

We are talking about ideas for lifting Stone material of course. Most stone materials are more than the average person can lift - about 75lbs on a regular basis, as long as protocols are followed, so an injury doesn't occur.

Bigger Glass = Smarter Lifting Solutions

Glass design keeps getting bigger and bigger. Great Lakes has the perfect solution—SmartLift + Wood's POWR-Grip®.

SmartLift—The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about SmartLift? We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions to help you in your decision making.

Benefits of Renting a SmartLift

Over the past four years, we have traveled the country talking to customers in the glazing industry about different glazing equipment. Often times customers ask if it would be better for them to own a machine or to rent a machine. Here are our top reason for choosing to rent a SmartLift.

SPYDERCRANE + SmartLift = The Perfect Lifting Machine Combo

If your construction project calls for lifting, you need SPYDERCRANE and SmartLift in your fleet. The industry standards, both the SPYDERCRANE and SmartLift lifting machines offer the versatility, maneuverability, and safety that most jobs require.

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