Posted on June 29, 2022

Lifts, Clamps, or Suction - Which One Works Smarter?

Lifts, Clamps, or Suction - Which One Works Smarter?

We are talking about ideas for lifting Stone material of course. Most stone materials are more than the average person can lift - about 75lbs on a regular basis, as long as protocols are followed, so an injury doesn't occur.

Some Stone Lifting Clamps can lift up to 1500lbs and can be used for moving slabs around the shop but when it comes to placing slabs into position on the job site “The CLAMP” often becomes cumbersome. That’s where the Smartlfits come in.

Designer Trends

Construction projects have taken off in the past few years, but the design of kitchens and bathroom surfaces has moved toward solid surfaces - including countertops, showers, backsplashes, fireplaces, and even flooring. Homeowners want all one surface throughout the entire area, with no breaks - or very few.

Suction Power

Our Smartlift products get the job done.

If we look at the Smartlift 608 Outdoor HL, it's the second most powerful SmartLift® in the line and is designed with the purpose of lifting heavier stone, granite, or marble. These self-driven machines are perfect for working indoors or outdoors with extra-heavy materials. With a lift capacity of 1,340 lbs. That’s over 25x of what the average person can lift. In this day and age of labor shortages, this makes sense. The 608 is a great indoor/outdoor machine, we have others that can lift larger slabs. The 1008 model can lift 2,200lbs, and rents out quite often for the larger commercial projects in downtown Chicago and other metros.

Just a few features…

  • Running up to 20 hours on a charge, the SmartLift® 608 requires just 8 hours to recharge. This means the machine can charge overnight and be at full charge the following morning.
  • The 608 Outdoor comes equipped standard with powerful 12" suction pads. Additional suction pads for textured or leathered stone are also available." 
  • The beauty of the 608 Outdoor HL is that it can simultaneously move, hoist, reach and tilt the attached piece. 

The benefits are many, and renting from Great Lakes Lifting means you don’t have to store the machine or worry about repair costs.

Take time to get directly connected with us, and we can recommend the machine that would be the smarter lift for your next construction project. 

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