Spydercrane URW094 - Front View

URW 094

Our newest and smallest Spydercrane model brings big strength and speed to places you didn't think a crane could go!
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity 1,990 lbs. @ 8.2 ft.
  • Working Radius 3 ft. to 16.9 ft.
  • Fits Through a Standard Doorway
  • Dimensions (W x H x L) 1.9 x 4.2 x 6.1 ft.
  • Weight 2,400 lbs.
  • Engine Options Zero Emissions Battery-Powered Engine w/ 110V Charging System


The Spydercrane URW 094 proves that our smallest model will still produce big results. It weighs in at just over one ton yet is small enough to fit through a standard doorway and a standard elevator during transport by compacting to a tight 23". Don't let its travel feature fool you. The URW 094 can still hoist up to nearly one ton and has an impressive 22-foot tip height. Even better, with its battery-powered Zero Emissions engine that easily charges with its 110-Volt charging system, your project can go green. The Spydercrane URW URW 094 comes equipped with all the product line's standard features and accessories, including a U-Wave Wireless Remote Control, Onboard Self-Diagnostic Computer, Hook Safety Latch, and Interlock Devices for Outriggers (and its 62 possible Outrigger positions), Crawling Levers, and the crane itself. Optional accessories include Mylar Non-Marking Tracks for indoor use, Boom Tip Work Basket, and a Searcher Hook.

Compact Design

The industry knows Spydercrane for its tight, compact design during transport. The URW 094 curls up tighter than them all, fitting both through a standard doorway and into a standard elevator during when in transport mode. The URW 094's ability to compress itself for transport saves precious time on the job site as it can needle into crevices that takes the competition extra time and labor resources to fit into. When it's in place, it takes only 5 minutes to set the crane up and begin lifting.

Versatile Outrigger Configurations

There are 62 possible outrigger configurations for the URW 094. It's multiple leg angle and extension positions add unmatched flexibility, making it easy to set up your Spydercrane URW 094 on both level and uneven surfaces. It also gives you the freedom of choice to move up, around, or on top of obstacles that would impede other mini cranes.

U-Wave Wireless Radio Remote Control

Radio remote controls have always been the staple of Spydercrane. They improve jobsite flexibility and safety. With the URW 094, Spydercrane upped its game by installing the U-Wave Wireless Radio Remote Control. This upgrade completely untethers the operator from the crane.

Excellent Working Radius

The URW 094 has a surprisingly long working radius of almost 17 ft. Its length is due in part to the Spydercrane legs, which improve stability and increases versatility. This increased functionality allows operators to lift loads closer to the center line of rotation. There is also 360-degree rotation when you set the outriggers to maximum positions.

Anti-Two Block System

Spydercrane's industry-leading Anti-Two Block System essentially eliminates overhoisting damage at the boom tip by warning operators when the hook reaches its maximum safe height. In addition, the system's lock-out feature restricts further travel, thereby reducing the risk of damage or injury. The Anti-Two Block System comes standard on all Spydercranes.

Onboard Self Diagnostic System

Conveniently located on the side of the control box, Spydercrane's Onboard Self Diagnostic system continually indicates the URW 094's operating status. This system proactively performs complete service diagnostics, assisting in keeping the crane in peak working condition for years to come.

Boxed Boom Design

The Boxed Boom Design's shape is expertly designed to reduce sway and increase rigidity, accuracy, and improve overall safety during the URW 094's operation. This feature comes standard on all Spydercranes.

Additional Safety Features

In addition to the profound safety features mentioned above, all Spydercranes come equipped with a forward-thinking collection of industry-leading safety features and accessories which will keep your URW 094 safe, productive, and in peak condition for years to come. These features include bubble-style level for outrigger leveling, minimum wire rope stop, hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve, automatic hook stow system, and more...

Auxiliary Winch Kit

Increase your lifting capacity with an Auxiliary Winch kit. Attached securely to the boom tip, our Auxiliary Winch Kit gives your Spydercrane the capacity to lift 2000 lbs. loads using 330 ft. of wire rope and the power to move materials at 90 fpm. Each kit comes with an overhaul ball and a hook and safety latch. The kit works with the Spydercrane URW 094 and the U-Wave Wireless Radio Remote Control, improving flexibility, precision, and safety.

Single Line Swivel Mini Ball

The Single Line Mini Ball cuts swerving, swaying, and snaring on the lines. This simple, essential feature improves safety and increases efficiency, keeping your Spydercrane's cable under control. This result in improved precision and power on your project.

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