Posted on December 30, 2021

Bigger Glass = Smarter Lifting Solutions

Bigger Glass = Smarter Lifting Solutions

As design continues to evolve, architects are pushing construction to its limits. Over the past decade, glass has gotten considerably larger. The good news is that Great Lakes has a lineup of machines and equipement to ensure that you and your team can install even the largest glass panels safely—and with ease.

The Glazier's Favorite Tool—SmartLift

When it comes to lifting glass, there's really not many machines that can compare to SmartLift. The compact design makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs. With six models to choose from, there's literally a glazing machine for every project. Built to withstand harsh conditions thanks to foam-filled tires, SmartLift can easily manuever tight spaces with its tight turning radius. It really is a glazier's favorite tool.

Bring on the Power Lifting with Wood's POWR-Grip®

When you need to do some heavy lifting, Wood's POWR-Grip® has you covered. No matter if you're lifting flat or curved panels, manuever glass with ease and lift up to 2,800 lbs. Great Lakes offers six models to choose from for all of your lifting needs. The best part—you can lift more than just glass. These machines are the perfect choice for plastics, sheet metal, stone slabs and more. And when you combine it with SmartLift, you create a winning glass lifting combination that can tackle any job that comes your way.

We Offer Rental and Financing Options

After two years in a pandemic, everyone is thinking a little more about budgets and their bottomlines. That's why we offer rental plans to help you get the equipment you need without incuring the extra costs. With both short-term and long-term rental options, our team can help you determine the best terms to meet your needs. 

Financing is no longer a hurdle because we offer flexible financing solutions that are custom-fitted to meet your budgetary requirements. Simply complete our contact form or give our sales team a call to get started.



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