Posted on May 18, 2016

This Spydercrane gets a lift while lending a hand

This Spydercrane gets a lift while lending a hand

More often than not, our Spydercrane mini crawler cranes do the heavy lifting in order to lend a hand. But on this occasion at a steel mill near Chicago, it was our Spydercrane that got a lift on the way to its job.

Yes. Our machines are so portable, you can use another crane to lift them.

Yep. This actually happens more often than you'd think.

The Spydercrane is that portable

Spydercranes are called mini crawler cranes for a reason. They are what we keep saying they are, "little machines that do big lifts." They've been transported on the backs of trucks, trailers, and train cars. Any crane that can pull a Transformers maneuver, tuck itself into a proverbial ball and fit through a standard doorway is bound to be able to be up for a variety of creative moves.

Want to lift our Spydercrane with your own crane?

Here's how you lift a Spydercrane: if you are on a job and would like to lift our mini crawler cranes up with your big cranes, first, give us a call. We will be happy to go over the specs of the spydercrane you have and the crane you want to lift it with. We'll help you make sure you can get that lift done right, safely, and securely.

The reason we suggest this is because, while in most cases the method will be the same, the difference will be in the types of crane used for the lift. We'll want to make sure they crane you're using is able to handle the specifications required to make the lift.

And, like in the case of this steel mill, if you could take a picture of video of it in action, we would love to share it on our website. We never can get enough of the cranes in action.

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