WPG Remote Control System

Remote Control for LDC3

Compatible with the following DC3-equipped vacuum lifter models: P1, MRT4, MRTA8, MRTALP8, MRTALPCH6, MTCL, MTEX AND FLEXR

  • Transmission Range Up to 250 ft.
Price: $1,634.15

Delayed Delivery - 3 to 6 Weeks


Wood's Powr-Grip® Remote Control for LDC3

Introducing the Remote Control System, enabling operators to manage powered functions remotely, perfect for multi-story installations.

Full Specs


  • Radio controlled (FM modulated RF signal)*
  • FCC, CE, IC Certified; RSM and ACMA Compliant
  • Operator's license not required
  • Unique codes prevent hazards caused by interference from other radio or remote transmitters, as well as electromagnetic transmission sources
  • Automatic frequency selection allows multiple systems to transmit simultaneously in the same location
  • Stand-by mode conserves battery energy between lifts

Transmitter Controls

  • Power: Activates transmitter
  • Attach: Engages vacuum at pads
  • Function: Allows release function to be activated
  • Release: Applies air pressure at pads for quick load release

Additional Indicators

Remote control systems include strobe lights when not already present on the lifter. Existing indicators will still function as before.

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