Posted on March 18, 2022

Valla 19 Crane—No License Required

Valla 19 Crane—No License Required

Looking for a compact crane that has the capacity to handle small tasks without a large team? We introduce to you, the Valla 19. With a maximum capacity of 1,990 lbs, this pick&carry crane doesn't require a licensed operator—making it perfect for those light duty jobs. And a great addition to any lifting fleet.

Why Choose the Valla 19?

There several cranes on the market and you may be wondering why you should choose the Valla 19. Here are a few key reasons we believe you'll love having the Valla 19 as part of your lineup of lifting machines.

The three-wheel design allows for compact maneuverability across all sorts of terrain—which means the Valla 19 can handle just about any job. With remote control functionality, it's the perfect lifting machine for walk behind lifting when you don't have a licensed operator on hand. Perfect for a variety of industries, including steel and plant maintenance.

Even though it has a compact build, it is still robust enough to handle curtain walls and more. It's power steering with 180° rotation capabilities means that you'll have a range of control when lifting and placing various types of materials. When used along side other lifting machines such as SPYDERCRANE, SmartLift, and Wood's Powr-Grip, you can create the most powerful and versatile lifting fleet to handle any and every job.

Valla 19 Features

  • Max Lifting Capacity: 1,990 lbs
  • Max Boom Extension: 110 inches
  • Max Boom Angle: 55°
  • Min Boom Angle: -20°
  • Dimensions: W 37 inches x H 79 inches x 94 inches
  • Weight: 4,400 lbs

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